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Federation of Cuban Women Opens 8th Congress on Saturday

More than 900 Cuban women from all sectors of society are gathering today and tomorrow at Havana´s Conventions Center for the 8th Congress of the Cuban Women´s Federation. Delegates will address the advancements and challenges of their organization.

Debates on Saturday will give continuity to previous analysis of several issues at different levels of the organization, in communities, municipalities and provinces.

Working commissions at the Congress will consider different proposals and reach agreement related to community and ideological work, the crucial contribution of Cuban women to the country´s economy, the production of goods and the service sector, as well as their increasing participation in social missions in other sister nations.

Social equality and opportunities enjoyed by Cuban women over the past 50 years of the country´s revolutionary project will also be at the center of analysis during the Saturday session, which also includes plenary meetings.

Today´s session is the preamble of International Women´s Day, a date to be marked tomorrow by an organization made up of 4 million Cuban women.

Cuba is an example to follow by all women of the world, read a message sent to the Congress by the president of the International Democratic Federation of Women, Brazilian Marcia Campos.

The criminal blockade imposed during decades by the United States on Cuba could not prevent that the brave Cuban women had the highest levels of political participation and access to employment, read the message sent by Campos.

The 8th Congress of the Cuban Women´s Federation will conclude on Sunday.