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Central High Fun Facts Quiz

NOTE: Answers are at the bottom

1) How many students attend Miami Central High School?

A. 2400 B. 1600 C. 2300

2) Which school is Central's historic rival?

A. Edison B. Carol City C. Northwestern

3) What does "Ad Astra Per Aspera," Central's motto, mean?

A. Live and breath success B. To the stars through adversity C. Reach for the stars

4) The last year Central won a state track and field championship was:

A. 2002 B. 1973 C. 1991

5) What year was Central built?

A. 1972 B. 1959 C. 1947

6) How did Central get its mascot, The Rockets?

A. The first three choices, The Bulls, The Raiders and The Stingarees, were already taken.

B. It came from a popular rock 'n' roll song of the era, "Rocket 88.''

C. It came from the country's burgeoning interest in the space industry.

7) Which of the following Olympic athletes is not an alumnus of Central High?

A. Kurt Thomas B. Lauryn Williams C. Bershawn Jackson

8) What's the most popular food in the cafeteria?

A. Hamburgers B. Pizza C. Tater tots

Answers (1-8): B C B A B C B B