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Dealing with a down economy

The economy is affecting most of South Florida, in different ways. We want to know what you are feeling … and if you've found ways to cope.

Have your grocery shopping habits changed? We'd like to go shopping with you to see how. Please write to Ina Paiva Cordle at or call her at 305-376-3730.

Has your credit score been affected by changes in your life? Are you wondering how to boost it again? Or confused about credit scores in general? Please write to Nirvi Shah at or call her at 954-527-2818.

Has your lifestyle changed dramatically in the last few months and you've found yourself in a new, lower, income bracket? A lifestyle where clipping coupons and cutting out eating out aren't nearly enough to make ends meet?

Please contact either Ina or Nirvi at the numbers or e-mail addresses above.