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Dominican president arrives in Havana

Leonel Fernandez Reyna, President of the Dominician Republic arrived in Cuba today in response to an invitation byhis Cuban counterpart Raul Castro.

Juan Vela Valdes, Minister of Higher Education, and the Vice-Chancellor Alejandro Gonzalez, among others, welcomed the Head of State upon his arrival to Jose Marti International Airport.

This official visit will help strengthen the irrevocable alliance and co-operation between both nations.

The Caribbean Statesman will partake in a broad program of activities, including official talks with the Cuban President.

He will also participate in the 11th International Meeting of Economists, Globalization and Development Problems, which begins this Monday in the Convention Palace in Havana, with more than a thousand specialists from 52 countries in attendance.

The President will visit places of historic, scientific and socialinterest in the Ciudad Héroe de Santiago de Cuba.This is Leonel Fernandez Reyna’s third visit to Cuba as President ofthe Dominican Republic.

Both nations established diplomatic relations, creating embassies onApril 16, 1998.