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GRANMA: New Anti-Cuban Mission for US Proconsul

Caleb McCarry, proconsul of the Bush Planfor the annexation of Cuba, has left that position, but will continuehis anti-Cuban activities from another entity, Granma newspaper reports. Under the title: The “proconsul” leaves his job, but insists onsubversion, the article states that the aforementioned person has lefthis position, after receiving two years “free” salary, to go to work toCreative Associates International, a obscure company pertaining to theCIA. Creative Associates is subsidized by the United States Agency forInternational Development (USAID), with more than 1.5 billion dollars ayear to carry out subversive operations internationally. McCarry, a former official from the office of late ultraconservativeJesse Helms and the son of a former CIA agent, had been appointed inJuly 2005 by Condoleezza Rice (then US Secretary of State) to administerthe plan to annex Cuba to the United States. Granma highlights that this man joins Creative Associates Internationalas Chief Advisor to the Presidency, although well informed Miami sourcesstate that the so-called "Coordinator for ‘transition’ in Cuba" hasturned his departure from the commission created by Bush into a realembezzlement. McCarry had a few hundred thousand dollars –corresponding to two yearssalary- sent to his personal account, under the subterfuge ofcompensation. Likewise, the Bush advocate illegally collected other sums from projectsdestined to destabilize the Cuban Revolution. According to observers, McCarry will continue his anti-Cuban activitiesat Creative Associates International, besides directing similaraggressions in other countries.