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T&T did not fare well in adopting previous summit mandates

Trinidad and Tobago has received very poor scores on a performance indexon the implementation of mandates from the last four Summits of theAmericas.

The index which will be launched tomorrow shows Trinidad and Tobago withextremely low scores of 0.09 on the issue of Freedom of Expression, 0.08 inthe area of Access to Information, 0.04 in the area of Decentralisation andLocal Government, 0.18 for Citizen Participation and 0.02 on genderperspectives.

Dr Kris Rampersad , International Relations Director of the Network ofNon Governmental Organisations (NGOs) said these scores on the index - ascore pad developed by the Active Democracy Network on the performance ofimplementation for 24 countries in the region with respect to the extentgovernments have implemented the things they promised - shows that thisGovernment has done virtually nothing in these areas.

Hazel Brown, president of the Network of NGOs, said it was not enoughfor them to say that the Government was not doing this or they hadn't donethat: "So we are able to say for specific things what they have done anduse those results of the index to encourage some improvement in thesituation with regards to implementation."

She added that one of the reasons Governments have not implemented themandates agreed upon at the previous Summits was because people don't knowwhat they agree on when they go to these conferences.

"They agree to things and they sign things and nobody knows."

"One of the proposals that we are making is that when you go and yousign things on our behalf in our name when you come back please tell us,"she said.

Brown added that multi-sectoral collaboration and partnership is alsovery important for the implementation of the summit mandates.

"We have insisted that what this summit must be about is to look atthose 634 mandates that were made in the last four summits and determinewhat the priorities are and how together citizens and Government we willensure for the benefit of ourselves and our children the implementation ofthose mandates. Those things cannot be implemented without this kind ofcross sectorial collaboration between all of us as citizens."

Brown pointed out that the Government of Jamaica has expressed itswillingness to work with the civil society representatives to see what thescore pad says about them so that they can improve their performance.