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Rosa M. Nicot-Sante

I would like to add my name and the names of family members that arrived to US in the freedom flights.

Date of arrival: December 6, 1967

Victoriano Nicot Susavila

Rosa Maria Nicot Fernandez

Sarah Eva Nicot Fernandez

Haydee Victoria Nicot Fernandez

Esperidion Merido Fernandez Fernandez

Eulogia A. Tamayo Lazo

Maria Fernandez Fernandez

Waldemar Puig

Maria M. Fernandez Tamayo

Maria A. Puig Fernandez

Waldemar Puig Fernandez

My mother Haydee Maria Fernandez was scheduled to travel with the rest of the family, unfortunately, she was detained at the airport in Varadero because she had given “our telephone line and equipment” to another member of the family that remained in Cuba, she was released and able to come to US on December 15, 1967.

I congratulate the Herald and everyone that is gathering this information and letting us relive that part of our lives. My grandfather, Esperidion Fernandez died on May 30, 1992, he left a suitcase “ready and full of everything” that he was taking back to Cuba at minutes notice. The database is just a wonderful idea!


Rosa M. Nicot-Sante