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 Soapbox has become a popular place to explore local issues, and just plain vent. We can't, however, print all the letters we receive. So we invite writers to also submit them to our online Soapbox forum. To get there, go to, then click on Miami-Dade Neighbors.

To submit your letter for print, e-mail or write her in care of Soapbox, 7300 N. Kendall Dr., Suite 200, Miami, FL 33156.

 A few rules: No personal attacks. Your rants must address a specific local problem, be less than 350 words and signed with a name, city or neighborhood and contact number.

We also reserve the right to edit for length and to exclude comments that may be libelous. One letter per person per month, please.

Although we are unable to acknowledge or print all letters that we receive, we do value your comments.