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Castro book criticizes Colombia's FARC rebels

In his latest book titled "La Paz en Colombia,"' (Peace in Colombia) former Cuban leader Fidel Castro criticizes the Colombian guerrilla organization FARC, denies that Cuba ever furnished money or weapons to another guerrilla organization, M-19, and harshly condemns Colombian president Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala.

In the book he said he wrote during the latest hurricanes that buffeted Cuba, Castro criticized the FARC for its practice of kidnapping civilians and mistreating prisoners of war.

Castro also expressed his oppositon to applying policies that humiliate prisoners of war or to subject them to "the very difficult conditions of the jungle."

"I was also not in agreement with the seizing and retention of civilians not involved in the war,"' the Cuban leader wrote.

In the book, published last week, Castro also said that "we did not give weapons or financing to the M-19," and described Colombian president Julio CÎsar Turbay Ayala, who died in 2005, as "an unscrupulous character at the inconditional service of the Yankees."