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That Priceless Knee

That priceless knee... when it works properly it allows you to walk, run, take your grandkids for a spin around the block, play soccer or baseball with your friends or children.

…but when it fails, it steals away those small but great pleasures and makes your life miserable.

Total knee replacement is a radical procedure avoided by orthopedists in younger patients because its durability beyond 15 years is unknown. At Baptist Health we have award-winning orthopedists who perform a new and minimally invasive knee reconstruction procedure that restores mobility and decreases pain. The surgery is called partial knee replacement, or “mini-knee”, a procedure that puts a cap or crown to reconstruct a specific area of the knee where cartilage is lacking. The surgery, which sometimes is even an ambulatory procedure , opens a very small incision of 3-4 inches. Because it is a simpler operation, it causes minimal damage to tendons and muscles around the knee, so the recovery period is much faster. The surgery can be done in either of the three areas of the knee that tend to wear out the cartilage cushioning, thus avoiding the need for a total replacement of the knee. Every year, more than 12,000 international patients come to the hospitals at Baptist Health through the Baptist Health International Center of Miami. The center has more than 50 multilingual staff members ready to offer you a truly personalized service.

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