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Convenience, Comfort and Compassionate Care

For more than 55 years, Mercy Hospital has proudly stood along the shores of Biscayne Bay as a symbol of medical excellence in South Florida. Envisioned by the Diocese of St. Augustine during the 1940s, then the diocese for all of Florida, to serve the burgeoning needs of Miami’s growing population, Mercy Hospital opened its doors on December 18, 1950. Since that time, the hospital has continually evolved, expanded and grown. Today Mercy is a comprehensive healthcare system offering 483 hospital beds and a staff of more than 700 physicians representing 27 medical specialties and subspecialties. Mercy’s Centers of Excellence including The Heart Center at Mercy Hospital, the Miami Cancer Center at Mercy Hospital, the Minimally Invasive Surgical Institute at Mercy Hospital and the Orthopaedic Institute at Mercy Hospital are recognized internationally for their innovative use of technology and high quality specialized care.

A truly unique institution, Mercy has made a name for itself by delivering personalized attention to every patient and providing virtually unmatched medical services in South Florida. Over the years, word of Mercy’s reputation for cutting-edge technology and advanced treatments delivered with compassion has spread internationally leading many individuals including prominent executives from around the globe to sojourn to the hospital seeking treatments, evaluations and second opinions. To meet the growing demands of international patients, Mercy Hospital opened its International Services Department.

The International Services Department is unique in that it caters to the distinct needs of international patients and their families. The Department offers an array of services and amenities intended to make receiving care away from home convenient, comfortable and efficient. Beginning before the patient arrives in Miami, the Department works effectively to plan every aspect of the visit. From arranging travel and accommodations to coordinating necessary appointments, tests and follow-ups, the Department does all the legwork so that when the patient arrives everything is ready.

Once a patient arrives on campus, the Department serves not only as a headquarter but also as a centralized point for admission, registration, discharge and billing. This helps streamline the process and eliminate unnecessary waiting and paperwork. The Department’s private waiting area is equipped with a business center allowing individuals to make efficient use of their time while the Department’s specially trained multilingual staff deals with the unique needs of the patients and their families. Following the visit, the staff will schedule follow-up appointments, arrange for air and ground ambulance transportation, if necessary, and provide assistance with billing and financial matters. This dedication to individualized medicine makes the entire Mercy Hospital experience efficient, easy and effortless for international patients.

Mercy’s comprehensive approach to treating the entire individual – mind, body and soul – is unmatched. As Miami’s only Catholic hospital, Mercy offers a unique combination of high quality medical care with compassion. Mercy Hospital is in a class by itself and is always ready to provide patients from all over the world with the physical, emotional and spiritual care they truly deserve. For more information, please call Mercy’s International Services Department at (305) 285-2735.

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