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Comments and forums on our new site

With the launch of the redesigned, commenting on stories and posting to forums also is changing.

Beginning today, registered users can choose from a wealth of new features. You can create profiles featuring avatars of your choice, communicate with other users through private email, blog and find all the comments and forum postings of other users with one click.

*Getting started: Register for You’ll need to choose a username that will be displayed on your comments on stories and forum postings. If you’re already registered, you don’t need to register again.

*Comments: Once you’re registered, you can comment on stories, recommend comments by others and help us moderate the comments by flagging those that violate our standards. All users, registered or not, can choose to view comments by newest, oldest, most recommended and least recommended.

*Forums: Our forums cover a wide range of topics, from the Miami Dolphins to News and Politics. There, you can create new message threads and converse with others about topics of interest.

*Personalizing your profile: After you’ve commented or posted in the forums, you’ll have a profile on You can personalize your profile by adding the avatar of your choice, or choosing one of our preloaded avatars. To access your profile, click on the "Member Center" link under the site's logo.

*Blogging: Registered users who have commented on stories or posted on the forums can create their own blogs on To do this, click on the blogs tab in your profile, create a title for your blog and start posting.

*Exploring profiles: See a commenter whose insights intrigue you? Click on the commenter’s name and you’ll see his or her profile. There, you can see all the user’s comments, forum and blog postings, and exchange private messages.

*The standards: offers comments and forums to encourage users to engage in lively and thought-provoking conversations about the news of the day. Please treat other users respectfully. We don’t allow profanity, hate speech, attacks on other posters, spam or links to other sites. We actively monitor comments and forums, as well as posts that have been flagged by other users. Users who abuse the comments, forums or blogs will be removed from the site.