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Why did you change the website?

In the four years since we last redesigned, we have increased its features, with a variety of video, photo galleries, slideshows and regularly updated stories throughout the day and night. The new makes it simpler for users to find the wealth of content on the site.

Help! I’ve spotted a problem on the website. What do I do?

Please use this form to report problems on the website.

How do I find the various sections?

We’ve simplified finding the sections, with the most popular sections featured in tabs across the top of the page. Click on those to get to the sections. In each section, you’ll be able to find your favorite topics, from the Miami Dolphins in the Sports section to Music in the Entertainment section. Can’t find a story on a particular topic? There's a search engine on the top right of every section page.

What’s the best way to get a summary of today’s news?

Use our news grid in the middle of the homepage, bordered in blue. It will be updated constantly with summaries of the top stories of the day. Click on the tabs for topic-specific summaries – South Florida, Nation/World, Living, Sports, People, Americas, Political Currents and Business – without leaving the home page. Click on the headline in any of the summaries, and you will get the full story.

Where are the Obituaries?

The obituary section can be found in the navigation under the News section, or you can use this direct link to Obituaries. You can also use our search box to find obituaries. Type in the person's last name.

Where’s the Tropical Life section?

Tropical Life is now called Living in the tabbed sections. Under the Living tab, you’ll find stories on Health, Food and Wine, Family Life, Travel, Home and Garden, Fashion and Beauty and Horoscopes.

I’m most interested in photos and videos. Where do I find those?

The grid with the green border below the main stage on the homepage displays our latest videos, galleries, slide shows, graphics, podcasts and special reports. You’ll also find this grid on the section pages of the site.

If I see a great photo, can I buy it?

In many cases, yes. Just click on the “Buy photo” icon on the lower right side of the photo.

How can I submit my own photos and videos?

Submit your photos and videos through the Community section on the homepage. Or click here.

Where did all the previous comments on stories and postings on message boards go? has switched to a new system for comments and forums, so we start fresh today. The new system offers a number of improvements:

- Registered users can recommend comments. You can only recommend a comment once.

- Registered users can flag comments that violate the standards.

- Registered users can create blogs on

- All users can read comments and they have options in how they do so: Comments can be viewed by oldest or newest posted, or most or least recommended by other users.

How do I comment on stories?

You'll still have the ability to comment on nearly every story, but now you'll be able to track your activity, upload photos, participate in blogs and forums and contact other users from a personal profile page that features user-selected avatars or photos. Once you’ve commented or posted in the forums, you’ll be able to upload your avatar. As in the past, you will need to be a registered user of to comment, and you’ll need to be signed in to the site.

Where did the message boards go?

Click on "Services" to access many of our site services, including our forums.

How will I be identified in comments and forums?

You’ll be identified by the user name you chose when you registered for

What are the standards for comments and postings on forums?

The comments and forums offer users the opportunity to voice their thoughts on issues of the day and create communities of interest. We ask that you abide by standards we’ve put in place to encourage lively, open debate: No profanity. No hate speech. No personal attacks. No spamming. No links.

How do I register for

Register here for The login name you choose will be displayed in your profile, comments and message board postings. Registration allows you to recommend stories, comment and flag postings that violate the standards. It also allows you access to news alerts, email newsletters and more. If you’re already registered, you don’t need to register again.

I’m a registered user. How can I change my username?

To change your username, you’ll need to create a new account on

Where can I find horoscopes, puzzles, lottery results and comics?

You can find links to all of these at the bottom of the Entertainment page.

Where is “What the 5?”

J.R., Toni and the What the 5! crew are creating new videos for and, our entertainment website. Check out their new show and videos starting Oct. 6 on You can watch their last show (and an archive of previous shows) here.

You still haven’t answered my question. How can I get an answer?

Post a comment below. staffers will be regularly monitoring your comments and posting responses to questions.