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We’d like to introduce you to our redesigned website, which we hope you find simpler to use, easier on the eyes and both deeper and faster at the same time.

Online readers of have skyrocketed in the past year, making this the leading website for news and information in South Florida and serving millions of readers across the country and throughout the hemisphere. Along the way, you’ve let us know what’s most important to you - which has guided us in this ambitious remake.

You’ll find many improvements to serve up the latest news, the best photos and videos, new tools for the exchange of ideas, comments and a huge amount of information on what’s going on in South Florida and the region.

We’ve also developed a look and feel meant to reflect South Florida, with the high impact and a sense of urgency that a news site demands. Here’s a quick look at some of what you can expect in the new site.

-A clear and clean focus on the news of the day, fashioned at the top of the website and updated around the clock. You’ll notice a number of changes, from more variety in presentation of to adapt to the day’s news to time stamps on stories to show how fresh they are.

-A prominent segment of the home page devoted to visuals and a new player for video, slideshows and photo galleries that you can use as is or enlarge to fill the screen. One of the major emphases of The Herald’s staff today is creating video that goes along with our news and features coverage.

- Tools to let you arrange the site to suit your needs - with many more to come over time. You’ll notice tools that let you easily change the type size in stories and tab through different kinds of stories and video without changing pages on the website.

-New and better ways to contribute to the site, from an expanded rating system for stories, events and comments, to tools to send in photos and video clips.

-More emphasis on local news, starting with a section of the homepage devoted to stories and photos about your community. This is part of the site that is under construction with new ideas for presenting, searching and contributing to news and information on what’s happening in your neighborhood.

-An emphasis on The Herald’s investigative tradition, along with an expanding list of databases that provide easy access to important public records. This is another area we plan to steadily expand with time.

-Better ways of sharing what you see on online. We’ve made it easy to email friends, share on Facebook or embed on your own blog or website.

We hope you'll enjoy the new We know change can be disruptive, and there may be changes that don't suit you. So we've created this special section where you can comment on the changes, ask questions, and express yourselves. We'll also use this section to introduce periodic updates to as we roll out new features.

Thank you for helping to make this site a booming meeting place for both our local community and the millions of readers who have links to South Florida. We’ll look forward to working with you to make the most of

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