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Nov. 2, 2007 | Coxie's Army alters its annual pumpkin prank

Was it bad weather?

Old age?

What kept Coxie's Army from its 37-year-old tradition of impaling a pumpkin on the steeple of the North Miami Public Library this Halloween?

Instead, someone left a pumpkin by the front door.

Attached was a poem in a plastic bag, presumably to protect it from the torrential rain Wednesday night.

The first stanza says:

The first Noel the forecasters did say

Would come to South Florida but not to stay

To fill up the lakes, canals and streams

And ruin a lot of trick or treat dreams

The group has been leaving poems and pumpkins for years, full of hints as to the members' identities.

Started when they were 16- and 17-year-old Boy Scouts, the tradition has persisted through changes in jobs and marriages, undeterred by sickness and cross-country moves.

As the last stanza reads:

Some of us can't make it but never you fear

The pumpkin will make it once again this year

To watch over the library, from the porch or the roof

Just take a look around if you need some proof

Viva la pumpkin!