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Stuart Snowhite, Aventura

38, personal chef

Starting weight: 275 in 2004

Current weight: 150

Height: 5-8''

Method: Diet and exercise.

Why he did it: ``I made a video for the next Food Network reality show and I looked at myself and was so disgusted with how I looked. When I was married, I was eating bad foods -- Philly cheese steaks -- and would go right to sleep after eating late at night. I made a decision to change my whole way of thinking about food.''

How he maintains: Works out three times a week. Uses tension bands, runs three miles twice a week. Goes to the gym and pumps ``very low weights, with high repetitions, so it gives more definition to the body.''

New eating habits: If it's white, it's out. No sugar. No pasta. No breads, starches, potatoes.

Modified his cooking to make food low fat and low carb. ''I can do a mashed potato but it's a fake mashed potato -- it's cauliflower mash.'' Likes to cook French-Asian.

``You can lose weight and eat great and feel healthy all at the same time.''