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Broward's fallen

Name: Daniel J. Agami

Age: 25

Branch/rank: Army private first class

City: Coconut Creek

Died: June 21, 2007

Bio: Agami, a graduate of Coconut Creek High School, was a well-liked guy who loved being a DJ and loved music. ''I'm your warrior, I'm protecting you," he once told his girlfriend. He and four other soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb went off near their vehicle in Baghdad.

Name: Nathan B. Bruckenthal

Age: 24

Branch/rank: Coast Guard petty officer

City: Dania Beach

Died: April 24, 2004

Bio: The New York-born father-to-be was a member of the Law Enforcement Team South at Opa-locka Airport. Besides praising his qualities as a Coast Guard petty officer, his friends described him as an adventurer who had bought a mountain bike and a prankster who loved to play jokes. He was killed by a suicide bomber in a boat near Mahama Bahran.

Name: Timothy R. Burke

Age: 24

Branch/rank: Army specialist

City: Hollywood

Died: Oct. 4, 2006

Bio: An athlete who wrestled and played football in high school, Burke wanted to become a firefighter or paramedic. He was a role model, his South Broward football coach said. The remainder of the school's 2006 football season was dedicated to the fallen soldier. He was a cavalry scout who volunteered for the mission that killed him. He died from enemy small arms and other fire while on patrol in Taji.

Name: Adam Leigh Cann

Age: 23

Branch/rank: Marine sergeant

City: Davie

Died: Jan. 5, 2006

Bio: Quick with a joke, always laughing the South Plantation High School grad could draw a crowd of friends. Cann, who served with a K-9 security unit, was on his second tour in Iraq, after having served a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He was killed when he approached a suicide bomber at a police recruiting center in Ar Ramadi. The Legislature renamed Miami's Department of Transportation hedquarters in honor of his heroism.

Name: Ramon E. Gonzalez Cordova

Age: 30

Branch/rank: Marine staff sergeant

City: Davie

Died: Aug 8, 2005

Bio: Gonzalez, a quiet and humble person, relatives say, was always asking his wife to send candy so he could give it out to Iraqi kids. Gonzalez always wanted to be a soldier. He was scheduled to be home in about a month but he was shot in the head by a sniper in Ramadi.

Name: Oscar A. Martinez

Age: 19

Branch/rank: Marine private first class

City: North Lauderdale

Died: Oct. 12, 2004

Bio: Described by a former coach as a soldier on the football field, classroom and the battlefield, Martinez was among the youngest South Floridian military person to die in Iraq. Martinez chose the Marines over college and was in Iraq only three weeks before he died. The North Lauderdale Academy High graduate was killed by shrapnel from a missile fired into his camp in Al Anbar Province.

Name: Pablo V. Mayorga

Age: 33

Branch/rank: Marine corporal

City: Lauderhill

Died: April 15, 2006

Bio: Mayorga, who moved to the U.S. from Quito, Ecuador in 1991, wanted to give back to the country that had given him and his family so much, a cousin said. The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were also a factor. He was deployed to Iraq a month after becoming a U.S. Citizen. Mayorga worked at a pool company in Fort Lauderdale. He was killed with three other Marines when a roadside bomb blew up their HumVee in Al Anbar Province.

Name: Phillip D. McNeill

Age: 22

Branch/rank: Army sergeant

City: Sunrise

Died: Jan. 20, 2007

Bio: McNeill, who loved the outdoors and was known for a sense of humor, was a combat medic and graduate of Taravella High School. On his second tour of duty in Iraq, he was killed with three other soldiers when a roadside bomb detonated near their vehicle in Karma.

Name: Julio E. Negron

Age: 28

Branch/rank: Army sergeant

City: Pompano Beach

Died: Feb. 28, 2005

Bio: Born on the Fourth of July, Negron came from a family of soldiers, including his two older brothers, a cousin and a nephew. A Puerto Rican native, Negron joined the Army in 1997 after moving to Pompano Beach from Maryland. It was during his second tour of duty in Iraq that Negron died in a Humvee crash in Bayji.

Name: Terry Holmes Ordonez

Age: 22

Branch/rank: Marine corporal

City: Hollywood

Died: July 10, 2004

Bio: Remembered as loyal and loving, the laid-off cruise lines worker who had attended community college for about six months had joined the Marines to make some money for his family. He wanted to go to school to be an electrical engineer and he loved playing basketball and soccer. In Iraq less than a month, the Miramar High School graduate was killed in a non-combat traffic accident in Al Anbar Province.

Name: Pamela Osbourne

Age: 38

Branch/rank: Army sergeant

City: Hollywood

Died: Oct. 11, 2004

Bio: The mother of three and Certified Nursing Assistant long dreamed of a career in the military, relatives said. She worked in the supply lines for a tank unit. She was killed in a rocket attack on her camp in Baghdad.

Name: Kenny D. Rojas

Age: 21

Branch/rank: Army private first class

City: Pembroke Pines

Died: Oct. 29, 2005

Bio: The 2003 Flanagan High School graduate who had worked with his dad on Habitat for Humanity houses, had planned to study light and sound engineering and also considered being a firefighter or a chef. He enlisted in the Army to pay for college, declining his parents' offer to pay for his schooling. He died when a land mine exploded near his HumVee near Bayji.

Name: Timothy R. Weiner

Age: 35

Branch/rank: Air Force technical sergeant

City: Lauderhill

Died: Jan. 7, 2007

Bio: An explosives expert on his second tour of duty followed his three older brothers into military service. It was a lifelong dream to serve, family members said. He planned to retire from the Air Force and settle in Colorado. The Piper High School graduate was killed by a car bomb in Baghdad.