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A tale of two cops: One milked the system, one didn't but was fired

It is a tale of two police officers, two cases of discipline, two different outcomes.

Miami Police Lt. Edmond Croughwell and former Miami officer Wilfredo Perez-Borroto are the only police officers known to have been seriously disciplined for abusing court overtime, a practice called "piggybacking" or "Collars for Dollars."

Their cases show the difficulties police have in dealing with a system that costs taxpayers millions and gives officers a free hand for abuse. The cases also reveal inconsistent standards that add confusion to attempts to address the problem.

"In all of these cases, something was done wrong, " Miami Police Chief Donald Warshaw said. "Perez-Borroto did something he shouldn't have done. Ed Croughwell did something he shouldn't have done."

Croughwell and his officers reaped tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money. Warned to stop, he disobeyed and continued to collect overtime.

Croughwell was demoted; he recently got his rank restored.

Prosecutors couldn't prove Perez-Borroto stole a dollar he didn't earn. He was fired.

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