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July 6, 2007 | Victim: 'I begged for my life'

The gun-wielding suspect: "I'm going to kill you, break your head in two. Don't look at me."

The victim, a Latin songwriter: "I continued to beg for my life. He proceeded to kick me. He then put the gun behind my right ear and shot me in my head."

Those excerpts are contained in newly released witness statements in the case against Francisco "Junior" Oliveira, the handyman accused of shooting and nearly killing his boss, songwriter Fabio "Estefano" Salgado on May 25.

The court documents provide richer detail about the shooting at Salgado's waterfront Miami mansion. They don't provide insight into a motive. In his statement, Salgado -- a songwriter for stars such as Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan -- is baffled by the shooting.

Oliveira has pleaded not guilty.

"There's no evidence other than this man's word that he was even there, " said Frank Rubio, Oliveira's attorney. He said his client -- who is married to a U.S. citizen, has a child and no criminal past in Florida -- is innocent.

According to Salgado, Oliveira had worked with him for three years "on a daily basis, " repairing and maintaining his music studio at 5020 Biscayne Blvd.

On May 25, Oliveira rode his motorcycle to Salgado's house about 10 p.m., rang his doorbell and came in to "discuss the work he was going to do at my home, including work on the windows and landscaping."

Miami Detective Freddy Ponce wrote in an arrest report that Oliveira had gone to the house to take Salgado marijuana. Police later collected a "suspected marijuana cigarette."

Oliveira, 29, and Salgado, 40, sat down in the kitchen, where Salgado placed his backpack on the kitchen island.


"I asked Francisco Oliveira if he was OK, because he seemed nervous to me. At that point in time, Francisco Oliveira reached into his backpack and removed a handgun, " the statement said. "He then asked me in Portuguese, 'Do you know what this is?' He then pointed the gun at me and shot me in the chest."

As he lay on the ground, Salgado begged for his life. After allegedly threatening to break his head, Oliveira walked him to the corner of the kitchen and told him to kneel. Then the suspect put the gun's barrel behind the songwriter's right ear and squeezed off one round.

Sometime later, Salgado wrote, he regained consciousness and called Odisa Beltran, 42, his business manager.

"Junior shot me, " he told her about 11 p.m.

Beltran drove nearly 18 miles from Kendall to the 7,300-square-foot mansion at 1215 N. Venetian Way and found her boss on the floor with "blood all over the place." CALLED 911

Beltran called 911 and stayed with Salgado until paramedics arrived, according to her statement.

Oliveira was initially charged with attempted second-degree murder, but that has since been upgraded to first degree.

He has been denied bond and is set for trial in November.

Rubio wondered why Salgado's witness statement entered in the court file makes no mention of the alleged marijuana deal, and why Salgado did not initially call police.

Salgado and Beltran could not be reached for comment.

"Obviously, there are a lot of very strange circumstances, " Rubio said.