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Ideas for a Happy soggy Halloween

Winds are spooking parents and irking kids in South Florida.

It's unlikely you'll make it a traditional door-to-door Halloween tonight, so here are our top 10 ideas for catching the spirit (ha!) and staying dry. (Feel free to share your ideas in the post-a-comment section below):

1) Make popcorn, watch a scary movie (check out TV Critic Glenn Garvin's blog) for the 30 scariest movies of all times);

2) Head out to the mall; some are offering indoor trick-or-treating. Halloween events still scheduled;

3) Carve a pumpkin. Roast the seeds. Make , pumpkin soup;

4) Cleaner variation on the above: Paint a pumpkin, and share your pictures;

5) Take your cues from Easter. Instead of an egg hunt, stash mini candy bars throughout the house and set the little goblins loose;

6) Turn off the lights, grab the flashlights (you might need 'em anyways) and tell scary stories;

7) Dust off the Ouija board. Find out whether sunny skies will return Thursday.

8) Play charades -- with costumes;

9) Go old school and bob for apples. Dry apples, dunk in caramel, avoid dentist for several weeks;

10) Pop popcorn and make homemade caramel popcorn balls.