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TRAVELGIRL: Jade Mountain; 'Le Reve'


There are no telephones, radios or TVs in the suites at Jade Mountain in St. Lucia in the Caribbean, but who needs them with this spectacular view of nature on display? There are 24 infinity pool suites, each uniquely designed, in this recently opened luxury resort within a resort at Anse Chastanet. Constructed to be in harmony with the environment, these suites allow stunning unobstructed views of the Caribbean and the Grand Pitons, as your own private infinity pool seems to melt into the sea. There is an old French proverb that says, "It is impossible to overdo luxury." But isn't it fun to explore the upper limits?



Imagine a colorful performance set on water that also soars above the water line and delves below it -- all timed perfectly to music with no hint of imperfection. Such is the magic of "Le Reve" at Wynn Las Vegas. In a word, "Le Reve" ("The Dream") embodies precision. The disciplined choreography is astounding. Danger appears around every corner: Performers dive from extreme heights and through incredibly small spaces. Objects (and people!) fall through, by and past the stage at precisely the right moments. Artists perform on a continually shifting stage through wind, fire and rain. Another aspect of high-caliber precision is the synchronized swimming that rivals the dance of the famous Radio City Rockettes.

"Le Reve" is a tribute to continuous motion. As the water flows, the stage changes configuration and performers appear and vanish. The artists demonstrate strength, agility, humor and sexuality in one fluid act. It's a mesmerizing performance, reflective of the tastes of the dynamic duo of Steve Wynn (chairman and CEO of Wynn Las Vegas) and Cirque du Soleil creator Franco Dragone. Even though the theater is perfectly symmetrical, and no seat is more than 12 rows from the stage, the entire show cannot be absorbed in one sitting. "Le Reve" is a dream you'll want to experience again and again.

"Le Reve"

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Tickets start at $99.