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STEPHANIE DAVIS: Journalist interaction?

I admit, I'm not the most up to date with Youtube, but this is ridiculous. I don't know what it is with candidates and journalist support this year, but this is the second request I've had for help.

This one comes in the form of YourTube4Fred. The committee to draft Fred Thompson for President is asking for my help - it wants me to make a video and upload it onto YouTube. Here's the thing: Why me?

I mean, Fred Thompson is a great actor, and hey, maybe he was a great senator. I don't know. I didn't follow Tennessee politics. It wasn't one of the five states I've lived in in the past 11 years. But when it comes to "Law & Order," he did just fine as district attorney. The other thing is, I'm not really in a position to judge whether he's qualified for president, or at least share that opinion with you.

Besides, who really cares what one, Stephanie Davis, of Holly Springs, N.C., believes and publish it on YouTube - or the special YourTube4Fred? Other than my parents, who may just want to see my face every now and then.

But here may be the kicker of them all ... do we really even know know what Fred Thompson plans to do? This is after all, the Draft Fred Committee ... the man hasn't even committed to running yet!