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Marie Antoinette Action Figure

$8.95 plus postage and handling from Archie McPhee, P.O. Box 30852, Seattle, Wash. 98113, 425-349-3009 (fax 425-349-5188);

Suggested by Nicole Chiodo of San Jose, Calif.

Who says a toy can't be fun AND educational? Not us, here at the Holiday Gift Guide. That's why we're pleased to present this Marie Antoinette doll, with the exclusive ''Ejector Head'' feature. She looks like a regular doll until you press a secret button and . . . there goes her head! Sure, you can get a similar effect with a machete and a Barbie doll, but that's more of a one-time deal. The Marie Antoinette action figure can be used over and over, providing hours of quality entertainment for some lucky little girl on your holiday gift list. Followed by years of therapy.

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