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Butthead Game

$12.98 plus shipping and handling from The Lighter Side, P.O. Box 25600, Bradenton, Fla. 34206-5600, 800-232-0963;

Suggested by Virginia Hullen of Hialeah, Fla.

If you know somebody who would like to play a competitive sport, but is not good at traditional sports and does not mind looking like a total goober, then this is the gift item for that person. This is a game that consists of two hats with sticky strips, and some foam balls. You put on a hat, and your opponent puts on the other hat, then you try to get your balls stuck on your opponent's head. Please get your mind out of the gutter. This game is a boatload of fun for the whole family, except the kids, who will put themselves up for adoption if you make them wear these hats.

This game has also been chosen ''The Official Ice-Breaker Activity of the Middle East Peace Talks.''

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