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VIDEO REVIEW: 'Children of Men' is fascinating, disturbing

This fascinating and disturbing film based on a P.D. James novelenvisions a future in which the world is in chaos and only London hasretained a measure of stability.

Alcoholic bureaucrat Theo (Clive Owens) was an activist in hisyouth - a muscle he's forced to exercise again when his ex-wife(Julianne Moore), now a rebel leader, presses him into service tosmuggle a pregnant woman out of the country.

Why? Because her fetus represents the first baby to be bornanywhere in 18 years. Both the government and the rebels would surelyuse the child for propaganda.

Director Alfonso Cuaron makes no attempt to salve our anxiety withcute touches; his movie, set in the near future of 2027, looks as sadas its characters. Still, it's a fascinating study in the antihero.

Extras: several deleted scenes, features on design and specialeffects and a chat with futurists and philosophers about the bleakworld of "Children of Men."

"Children of Men" is available on DVD and HD-DVD from Universal. 110 minutes. Rated R.$29.98. Grade: B+