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Barron Trump: First young presidential son in the White House since 1963

Barron Trump, 10, and his parents Donald and Melania Trump/
Barron Trump, 10, and his parents Donald and Melania Trump/ ASSOCIATED PRESS

As he stood behind his father minutes after he became American 45th president-elect early Wednesday, 10-year-old Barron Trump might not have realized he too is making history.

Barron, known for napping during his father’s late-night campaign speeches, will be the first pre-teen presidential son to live in the White House in more than a half century.

The last boy to live in the White House? John F. Kennedy Jr., who was 3 weeks old when his father was elected in 1960. He lived at the White House until his father’s assassination in 1963.

Before John-John there was Quentin Roosevelt, who was 4 when his father, Theodore Roosevelt, moved into the White House in 1901.

Before him, Tad and William Lincoln were 7 and 11 when their father, Abraham Lincoln, became president in 1861.

After JFK Jr., however, young presidential daughters have ruled at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Barron, Trump’s youngest child, will break that streak.

Luisa Yanez is a member of the Herald’s Editorial Board.