South Beach hotel concierges tell us their wildest stories

Miami hotel concierges have plenty of stories to tell. Photograph by 1 Hotel South Beach.
Miami hotel concierges have plenty of stories to tell. Photograph by 1 Hotel South Beach.

We checked in with concierges at three top-tier Miami hotels to hear their recollections from the craziest guest requests they’ve had to fulfill. Here’s what they said:

The Plymouth: Marriage Proposal in a Pinch

Plymouth Pool
The Plymouth: Can handle last-second proposals.

Alexairis Guzman, Head of Hospitality Services: “We had a guest from England rush downstairs as soon as he arrived to ask for our assistance in planning his proposal. He had no idea what to do. In a matter of less than two hours while his future fiancée was getting dressed, we did a location scout, found a driver and photographer, and set up Champagne, flowers and candles along with a blanket to lay on the beach.”

The Setai: Will Deliver Your Tiger

The Pools
The Setai is equipped to help with guests' special shipping requests.

Maite Foriasky, Chief Concierge:  “You may not believe this because it is so crazy, but I promise it’s true. This one time, a British man came down to Miami to meet his girlfriend. While staying at The Setai, the couple decided she would move back to London with him [on the spot]. One problem: She owned a tiger. She asked us if we could arrange to move the tiger back to London, so we made it happen! Iconic day.”

1 Hotel South Beach: Incognito Camera Crew

Main Pool – Dune Cabana 2
At 1 Hotel South Beach, where most marriage proposals end in "Yes."

Reuben Trane, Chief Concierge: “We have helped pull off countless grand proposals, but there is one that sticks out to me. One of our guests called us expressing his plans to propose to his girlfriend and said he wanted to document the entire experience. We knew if we had a photographer/videographer in the couple’s faces all night, his girlfriend would know he was up to something. After bouncing a few ideas back and forth, we decided to tell the girlfriend that our hotel was making a marketing video. With this in mind, when we chartered a yacht and had a live musician on board with cameramen, she was completely fooled. Sure enough, as the musician played their song, the boyfriend dropped to one knee, popped the question, and she said yes!”

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