The three things you have to order at South Beach’s Sakura 736

Tuna Roll at Sakura 736 in Miami Beach is one of our top bites.
Tuna Roll at Sakura 736 in Miami Beach is one of our top bites.

Sakura 736 restaurant in Miami Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood takes diners on a culinary tour of authentic Nikkei food. A fusion of Peruvian and Japanese flavors, Nikkei originated more than 100 years ago when Japanese immigrants reached Peru in search of jobs and gold. Blending a Japanese essence with fresh Peruvian seafood is what makes Nikkei so special, and Sakura 736 is the perfect place to explore these delicacies. We liked that Sakura’s décor is sleek without being overly trendy or pretentious, and the staff is warm and welcoming with detailed knowledge of each dish. And speaking of the menu, these are three items we can’t wait to order again – and again and again.

1. Sakura Maru: A Cocktail with Gold

Start your night off with this beautiful and tasty cocktail. A mixture of Zamaca (a premium spirit made from Maca, a Peruvian superfood), cherry blossom, yuzu and Champagne, the Sakura Maru expertly marries Peruvian and Japanese cultures. Plus, a speck of gold as garnish makes you feel pretty fancy while you sip.

Gold in cocktails makes us feel fancy. Photograph by Christie Galeano-DeMott.

2. Hotate a la Parmesan: Scallop on the Half-Shell 

Presented inside a seashell, this dish features a fresh, pan-seared scallop on a mixture of Parmesan cream and topped with a delicate seafood foam and pisco flambé. Um, yeah. 

Scallops with parmesan foam at Sakura 736.

3. Spicy Tuna Roll: Not Basic at Sakura 736

It’s a typical dish, but you really can’t go wrong with a spicy tuna roll. We love that it’s fresh and flavorful with avocado, tuna and spicy mayo on a bed of saffron-infused (!) tempura flakes.

Tuna Roll at Sakura 736 in Miami Beach is one of our top bites.

Sakura 736, 736 First Street, Miami Beach; 786-607-0199.