6 Miami desserts you have to try at least once

Hello, beautiful. Candied Cornflake Ice Cream Pie at Chef Adrianne's is one of our top dessert picks.
Hello, beautiful. Candied Cornflake Ice Cream Pie at Chef Adrianne's is one of our top dessert picks.

Some of our favorite Miami restaurants are taking us on a sweet trip down memory lane. From bread pudding inspired by a favorite childhood candy bar, to ice cream pie encrusted in cereal, these six jaw-dropping desserts are as comforting as Christmas morning.

1. INDULGE Milkshake

We’ve been such fans of the over-the-top milkshakes at Bocas House in Doral that we were tickled when they told us they were putting an INDULGE Milkshake on the menu of the new Bocas House location in Coral Gables. This thick Nutella shake is topped with towering chunks of cheesecake, a dark-chocolate brownie, a luxury chocolate bombón and a dusting of gold. “The real decadence comes from its rich flavor,” chef and co-owner Cesar Gonzalez said. “Plus, it has edible gold.”

Two Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables; 786-631-3739;

1bocas_6466 (1)
The INDULGE Milkshake at Bocas House in Coral Gables. Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.

2. Candied Cornflake Ice Cream Pie

At Adrianne Calvo’s namesake restaurant, Chef Adrianne’s, we can never pass up her Candied Cornflake Ice Cream Pie. The dessert sandwiches a filling of vanilla ice cream, Cool Whip and cream cheese between two crusts of candied and crushed cornflake cereal. “It’s crunchy, creamy, frozen, sweet and slightly salty,” Calvo said. “It sends all kinds of messages to your brain and takes you on a texture and flavor rollercoaster. It’s a total knockout.”

11510 Southwest 147th Avenue, Kendall; 305-408-8386;

1Chef Adriannes – Candied Cornflake Ice Cream Pie
Hello, beautiful. Candied Cornflake Ice Cream Pie at Chef Adrianne's is one of our top dessert picks.

3. Chocolate Miso Bread Pudding

The Pubbelly Boys have built an empire from Miami, and their ever-growing Pubbelly Sushi spinoff reminds us why we still love them. It’s here that you’ll find pastry chef Maria Orantes’ Chocolate Miso Bread Pudding. She soaks brioche in chocolate- and miso-infused custard, then bakes it and tops it with housemade taro-sesame ice cream plus chocolate crumbs and peanuts. “A Snickers bar was actually the inspiration,” Orantes said. “I’ve always liked the way chocolate and salt come together.”

Multiple locations; 786-899-5038;

Chocolate Miso Bread Pudding
Chocolate Miso Bread Pudding at Pubbelly Sushi. Photograph by Juan F. Ayora.

4. Red Velvet Dressed-Up Scoop

Leave it to a steakhouse to give a twist to an American classic. The Red Velvet Dressed-Up Scoop at Quality Meats in Miami Beach  has a layer of devil’s food cake, then a generous scoop of red velvet cake batter ice cream swirled with cream cheese icing, and a crunchy pecan tuile garnish. “One rule here is that every dish has to be based on something,” said pastry sous chef Trew Sterling. “In this case, we wanted to represent old-fashioned Americana desserts, so we took a vintage cake and turned it into a sundae.”

1501 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach; 305-340-3333;

Quality Meats – Red Velvet Scoop
Red Velvet Dressed-Up Scoop at Quality Meats in Miami Beach.

5. Key Lime Pie ‘Our Way’

To make the Key Lime Pie “Our Way,” Bazaar Mar pastry chef Jamie Hornby pipes housemade Key lime ice cream in a mold, smooths it flat, and adds dimension with blueberries and raspberries on the top and sides. It’s all covered in two types of crumbled graham cracker, one with liquid nitrogen and one without. “We do this to make the ‘sand’ look two-toned, like a real beach,” Hornby said. “Before the plate goes out, we add lime air and fennel fronds to give the effect of an ocean wave rolling onshore with seaweed.”

1300 South Miami Avenue, Miami; 305-239-1320;

Key Lime Pie "Our Way" at Bazaar Mar by Jose Andres in Miami.

6. Deliverin’ the Goods – That’s How We Roll

At Barton G., it’s totally acceptable to play with your food. Order the Deliverin’ the Goods – That’s How We Roll dessert to see what we mean. Served on a real bicycle, the dessert fills a basket with a trio of rolled cake logs stuffed with strawberry jelly, tiramisu and tres leches-soaked lady fingers, all wrapped in edible paper to look like the Miami Herald. It comes with peanut butter-chocolate spread and seasonal berry jelly. “It’s supposed to be like a kid on a paper route,” executive corporate pastry chef Julian Belon said. “He woke up, grabbed a PB&J and went off to deliver the morning news.”

1427 West Avenue, Miami Beach; 305-672-8881;

1Barton G – Deliverin the Goods 2
Deliverin' the Goods - That's How We Roll at Barton G. in Miami Beach.

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