Miami media pro sports Hawaiian shirts every day as a fashion statement and social experiment

Chris Adamo of WhereBy.Us has worn Jams World shirts every day for almost two straight years. Photograph by Nick Garcia.
Chris Adamo of WhereBy.Us has worn Jams World shirts every day for almost two straight years. Photograph by Nick Garcia.

You will never lose Chris Adamo in a crowd. Not today, not tomorrow and not for the foreseeable future, because he is always wearing a bold Jams World Hawaiian shirt.

Adamo has been wearing Jams shirts every single day for almost two years — more than 650 days and counting. The shirts, made from spun crushed rayon with hand-painted buttons, are typically bright with floral patterns. They retail for about $110 each, but Adamo scores many of his on eBay for much less than that. It’s hard to miss him.

“I probably get stopped at least three to five times a day with people asking me about my shirt,” he said. “It immediately brings a smile to that person’s face. The colors really break down barriers between people to open conversations — so much so that the shirts have become my own social experiment and built-in ice breaker.”

Chris Adamo says his Jams World shirts are an automatic ice-breaker. Photograph by Nick Garcia. NICK GARCIA

Think Local, Act Local

Adamo is the Chief Business Officer for WhereBy.Us, the parent company of The New Tropic in Miami and similar digital media outlets in Orlando, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. His company is focused on driving community engagement at the hyper-local level. Adamo invests in Miami and other cities where WhereBy.Us has a presence with the same commitment he invests in his shirts.

“It’s a bit shocking, but I barely read the world news. It often paralyzes me due to the fact that I don’t know where to begin to create change,” he said. “Instead, when I read local news in the cities that I frequent, I am inspired to take action because I know my impact can be felt and seen in real time when I act locally.”

Every day, Adamo reads local news from the four current WhereBy.Us outlets. The New Tropic was the first, started four years ago, and Adamo said expansion to more cities is in the works. Launching a local media brand in different cities requires him to travel often, but WhereBy.Us relies heavily on help from in-the-know locals.

“We do a ton of interviews — in the hundreds,” Adamo said. “We interview people on the ground to get a feel of what they love and what they want. Then we hire locals.”

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Chris Adamo Finds His Home in Miami

Miami is now home for Adamo, who fully embraces WhereBy.Us’ mantra of “live like you live here.” He moved here from New York in 2012 after Superstorm Sandy and married a Miamian the next year. His wife, Randi Wolfson, has been a major influence on his style, having given him his first Jams World shirt.

Paying it forward, the shirts are now Adamo’s go-to gift for family, friends and acquaintances. He has no plans to end his continuous streak; in fact, he’d like to ramp it up and wear Jams World threads around the clock.

“Maybe if Jams would take a stab at pajamas or workout gear,” he said, “I could really simplify things.”

For 650-plus days and counting, Chris Adamo has worn Jams World Hawaiian shirts. Photograph by Nick Garcia. NICK GARCIA

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