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French mirror a must-have from Ralph Pucci International in Wynwood

Available at Ralph Pucci in Wynwood.
Available at Ralph Pucci in Wynwood.

Twentieth-century writer Jean Cocteau once mused, “Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.” No doubt Cocteau would find reason to pause at the Miroir Yoko multidimensional mirror at Ralph Pucci International created by his fellow Frenchman, artist-designer Hervé Van der Straeten.

This substantial piece, accented with anodized blue aluminum, stretches nearly 6 feet and features Van der Straeten’s instantly recognizable use of contrasting materials and bold variations of form deployed in perfect proportions. Van der Straeten designs and makes all of his works in his own bronze- and cabinet-making workshops in Paris.

His latest collection, available at Ralph Pucci International, has a playful sense of movement and color that begs for multiple examinations. Though the mirror cannot think before reflection, perhaps the person in front of it will.

Price upon request. Ralph Pucci, 343 Northwest 25th Street, Miami; 305-438-3771; ralphpucci.net.