Ms. Eyecon makes eyewear inspired by Cleopatra and other strong women

New shades from Ms. Eyecon.
New shades from Ms. Eyecon.

Mathematician, mother, medical scholar and ruler of an empire, it would be difficult to find a stronger inspiration for female empowerment than Cleopatra. Which is why Miami-bred fashion designer Lia Fernandez used the Egyptian pharaoh as a starting point for her new sunglass company, Ms. Eyecon. Fernandez launched the brand this summer with an inaugural collection of sunglasses called Cleo, the first of several lines inspired by female trailblazers.

The Cleo shades have a classic throwback rounded frame, with a “third eye” design in the center, evocative of Cleopatra-era tiaras. Some frames are embossed with 24-karat gold, perfect for your next conquest.

Cleo Color model
A model shows off her Cleo shades by Ms. Eyecon.

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