Fashion for kids: What’s cool for back-to-school shopping

Design your own Converse sneakers.
Design your own Converse sneakers.

When kids have their own fashion sense, allowing them to feel and look amazing, it can jumpstart their confidence. It can also help kids express their creativity. It’s a way to show their individuality and uniqueness to the world. Here are some back-to-school ideas to help promote your child’s independence and encourage their self-expression through everyday fashion.

Durable backpack by Kipling

Where can you find a stylish backpack that lasts? There are several possibilities, but the best is definitively Kipling. These are sturdy and customizable backpacks that your kid won’t tear apart. You can customize the already-amazing bags by adding “monkey” key chains, charms, monograms and patches. Plus, they are washable.

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Kipling backpack: It's washable!

Customized kicks by Converse

Has your kid ever wanted to be a designer? Now is his or her chance to do so and become the coolest kid in school. Converse offers the opportunity to  create amazing and totally rad shoes. Choose from a variety of trendy colors and prints such as camouflage, cactus and more. Plus, spice it up by changing every part of the shoe — you can even include text in the mix.

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Design your own Converse sneakers.

Good choice: Choose Kind

Your kid can make a statement and support a great cause with the easy-to-match “Choose Kind” T-shirt. Start school off with a positive message, and everyone will know what your kid stands for. Available in sizes that fit everyone in the family.

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It goes with everything.

Know what’s yours with Mabel’s Labels

Have you ever been frustrated with items leaving the home and never coming back? Stop the frustration with these awesome Mabel’s Labels.  These are customizable to show your kid’s personality on dishwasher-safe labels. Their allergy labels also come in handy for school lunches.

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Mabel's Labels are dishwasher-safe.

Warby Parker lets you give a pair when you buy a pair

Need glasses? By getting a pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses, your kid will look sharp while helping others do the same with their buy-a-pair, give-a-pair program. You can try five frames at a time — for free — at home.  When they arrive, organize a family fashion show, and everyone can vote for their favorite. Check out the narrow fit, a personal favorite.

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Louise frames by Warby Parker.

Hydro Flask can keep liquids hot or cold

Hydro Flask’s tempshield technology keeps cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot. With seven sizes, two lid types, four parts and 14 colors, your kid has 183,456 customizable combinations to create a unique Hydro Flask. Now, no one can complain their hot chocolate got too cold or their ice water got too warm.

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What's hot stays hot, and what's cold stays cold with Hydro Flask.

INDULGE special correspondent Fabiola Comas, 10, attends Weston Christian Academy. Find more of her fashion picks for kids in INDULGE’s 2018 Holiday Gifts and Givers issue, out in November.