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From the Editor: Art Basel issue points to the Magic City’s magnetic pull

Evan Benn. Photograph by Nick Garcia.
Evan Benn. Photograph by Nick Garcia.

As a Miami transplant, I’m always fascinated to hear stories of how others landed here. The pages of this special Art Basel issue are filled with people who, like me, came from other places as well as people who were raised here and left for a while until the magnetic pull of the Magic City brought them back.

Our cover star, Jessica Goldman Srebnick, is a New York native who came to Miami two decades ago to learn the family business from her father, the late real estate maven Tony Goldman. She told him she’d stay here for a year. Next thing you know, she says, “my one year is up, and I blink and it’s been 21 years.”

The cover photograph of Jessica that accompanies our feature story by Siobhan Morrissey was shot by Nick Garcia at Jessica’s Wynwood office. She’s standing in front of a painting by Miami artist Tatiana Suarez. It’s called Luna Bloom, and Tatiana painted it this year while she was pregnant with her daughter, Luna, who was born in September.

Inspired by Tatiana’s painting, we asked pastry chef Rebekah Brooks to re-create it, in cake form, for our Recipe feature. Rebekah is also a Miami transplant, coming here from Vancouver, where she worked as a line cook at the Four Seasons before finding her calling in Miami as a master cake maker.    

Local artist Troy Simmons moved from Texas when his wife took a job here. Now Miami’s urban core is a major aesthetic of his work, which frequently embeds vibrant colors and geometric patterns into concrete slabs. Morel Doucet, one of four Miami artists to know who are profiled by veteran INDULGE writer Nicole Martinez, departed Miami for a spell to attend art school in Maryland. He returned, he says, because he “wanted to have a real impact on the community in which I was raised.”   

Tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world will descend on Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach. I’m guessing that more than a few of them will decide to come back soon or stick around permanently. I think every page of this issue — and every person we’ve spotlighted — gives a compelling reason why they should.

The Art of INDULGE

This issue marks my 20th edition as editor. Here’s a look back at five of my favorite images of that we’ve run so far. 

1. Dr. Paul George: June 2016. This portrait by Nick Garcia at HistoryMiami earned INDULGE our first gold-medal Charlie Award from the Florida Magazine Association. We rarely run black-and-white photos, but this serves as a reminder of how powerful such images can be.   

Photograph by Nick Garcia.

2. Arson Restaurant: June 2017. Felipe Cuevas shoots all of INDULGE’s food photography. Every time he turns in a new assignment, the pictures are so striking I wind up making one my computer background image.

Miami recipe
Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.

3. Pauldine France: December 2017. We ran 12 Movers profiles in last year’s Art Basel issue, and this one by Andrew Innerarity is the one that I’ll always remember. That vivid red dress, those piercing eyes, the symmetrical cinder-block lines.   

Photograph by Andrew Innerarity.

4. Deborah Mitchell: December 2017. Sometimes you get a subject who’s just a really great sport. Christina Mendenhall and Carina Mask persuaded Deborah Mitchell to wade into the Everglades for this shot; the rainbow in the background was icing on the cake.

Photograph by Carina Mask and Christina Mendenhall.

5. MadLab Creamery: June 2018. We’ve never not had a person on the cover of INDULGE, but we came close to putting this cone on the cover of our latest summer issue. This pic by Felipe is so good you can almost taste it, and the colors and over-the-top toppings are just so Miami.

Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.

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