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Knight Foundation’s latest grant aims to bolster the arts in Miami

The Knight Foundation.
The Knight Foundation.

The Knight Foundation has announced a Knight New Work Miami grant to cultivate and capture the work of exceptional talent in the realm of preforming arts. The grant will invest $500,000 toward bold, innovative dance, theater and musical performances that are crafted in Miami-Dade County. All artists — including choreographers, playwrights and composers — both emerging and established can apply for the Knight New Work Miami grant in order to bring their fresh ideas to stage.

“Miami has blossomed into a community where art is created, not just performed or experienced,” said Alberto Ibargüen, Knight Foundation President. “We want to leverage that. Our success will be measured by more challenging and inspiring works of authentically, made-in-Miami art, for the world to see our artists’ interpretation of our evolving community.” 

Winners will share the grant amount. Knight funding is intended to cover the development and the debut of the artistic pieces in Miami. If needed, organizations and artists can seek additional funding from other sources. Knight hopes that successful ideas will lead to unique collaborations between local artists and institutions.

“New Work will showcase artists who take risks, innovate and inspire people,” said Victoria Rogers, Knight Foundation Vice President for Arts. “We’re not looking for nice, safe ideas. We want to commission art in Miami that has the potential to be groundbreaking – created and performed at the highest levels.” 

Performances should take place during the 2020-’21 or 2021-’22 seasons, from September to May. Knight Foundation will host a public information session at The Light Box at 6 p.m. June 25 with Arts Program Officer Adam Ganuza, where applicants can get feedback on the open call and help securing partnerships with local arts institutions to premier their work.

More information on Knight New Work Miami, and the application, is available online at Submissions are due August 31.