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3 luxury cars that are speed demons in Miami

Lamborghini in Miami.
Lamborghini in Miami.

We took three new luxury cars for a spin in search of the best in Miami:

1. Lexus GS F

Miami car
Lexus GS-F.

THE DRIVE: As comfortable (and eye-catching) creeping down Biscayne Boulevard as it is zooming up I-95, the GS F feels good, looks good and — with Mark Levinson premium surround speakers — sounds good. A brawny V8 engine and brilliantly intuitive handling make this sporty sedan a standout. 

THE COOL FACTOR: An analog clock at the center of the dashboard — with LED indicators and GPS capabilities — epitomizes this car’s marriage of classic and modern.


2. Maserati Quattroporte GTS


THE DRIVE: This agile, V8-powered beast has the meaty heft of a Cadillac CTS and the tight-but-nimble feel of an Audi TT. Ripping it on the Dolphin Expressway on a Sunday afternoon took us from the Gables to the Everglades in no time. In this Maserati, you know you’ve made it. 

THE COOL FACTOR: This much roar under the hood requires a steering wheel you can really wrap your hands around. Get a grip on the Quattroporte GTS’ piano-black carbon-fiber wheel detailed in wood and leather.    

PRICE AS TESTED: $152,870.

3. Lamborghini Huracán Spyder

Huracan Spyder.

THE DRIVE: A gleaming shell, growling V10 engine and convertible profile so low you could slide under a tractor-trailer: All eyes are on you when you’re behind the wheel of the sexy-as-hell Huracán. The only thing more exhilarating than letting it fly, top down, across the MacArthur Causeway was being stopped in traffic and fielding pleas to rev the engine. Gladly.   

THE COOL FACTOR: Toss-up: the candy-red ignition-switch cover that feels like it belongs in the cockpit of a fighter jet, and the $6,900 front-end lifting system that feels like it belongs in a ’90s hip-hop music video.

PRICE AS TESTED: $313,725.