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From the Editor: First Father’s Day as a dad takes on new meaning

Jagger Skhy Benn, 4 months old, son of INDULGE Editor in Chief Evan Benn. Photograph by Nick Garcia.
Jagger Skhy Benn, 4 months old, son of INDULGE Editor in Chief Evan Benn. Photograph by Nick Garcia.

I obsess over to-do lists. Completing them brings me unspeakable joy. Leaving them unfinished? Agony. Sometimes, to game my own dopamine rush, I add things that I’ve already completed to a list, just to feel the satisfaction of checking them off.

Which is to say, this issue has left me with a giant to-do list. But this isn’t a checklist to agonize over; it’s one I’m actually looking forward to spending the summer — and beyond — conquering.

I’m hoping to run through as many of our 50 Best Things To Do in Miami as I can, from a dip in the Venetian Pool and a morning at the dog beach to a World Cup viewing party and a candy-making class. While I’m confident I can get to most of the 50 that our team compiled, there are a few — like buying a brand-new Rolex from Baselworld and going skydiving in Homestead — that may have to wait a little longer (#goals).

My permanent to-do list has grown since the January birth of our son, Jagger Skhy Benn. Heading into my first Father’s Day as a dad, I listened eagerly to the sage advice that our carefully selected group of Successful Miami Dads had to give. They talk about the importance of good communication and patience, about being a role model and teacher, about encouraging creativity and independence and kindness and responsibility. Those are the makings of a lifelong to-do list that will be my most important and challenging work yet.

Until Jagger’s ready for life lessons, we’re enjoying just playing with him and reading to him and capturing him in all his emotive expressions. Those are the kind of “decisive moments” that I imagine French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson was referring to when describing the types of images he tried to shoot on his Leica camera. Cartier-Bresson would surely be impressed by the variety of souped-up options available on the new and fully customizable Leica M digital camera. Buying one is probably something he’d have put on his to-do list — or at least on his Father’s Day wish list. 

I’ll leave you to make your own checklist out of this issue, and I hope that working through it brings you nothing but joy. After all, with a list full of ice cream shops, sparkling cocktails, breathtaking destinations and Miami’s top summer happenings, how could it not?    

On the set of our Father's Day cover shoot. Photograph by Nick Garcia Photography.

Father’s Day Cover Story by the Numbers  

67: Fashion items pulled for our seven dads to wear during photoshoot.

$97.54: Cost of Tex-Mex lunch catering.

1,111: Photos considered for publication.

8: Photos published (more at!).

3,667: Instagram followers of Christian Bizzotto, (pictured, center; @christian_bizzotto).

35,300: Instagram followers of Bizzotto’s 11-year-old daughter, Milla (@millastarfma).