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The new shopping district in Miami that feels like a global vacation

Upper Buena Vista is a Miami retail retreat inspired by the owners' worldly travels. Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.
Upper Buena Vista is a Miami retail retreat inspired by the owners' worldly travels. Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.

This time of year, most Miami locals are looking for an escape. As the city heats up and the parties slow down, a trip to a far-flung locale seems less like an option and more like a necessity.

But if staying put this summer is exactly what your hectic schedule requires, then you’re in luck. Nestled between the Design District and Miami’s historic Buena Vista neighborhood is a new, eclectic hideaway that resembles those dreamy destinations you’ve been crushing on all year long.

Upper Buena Vista is the latest shopping and entertainment district to grace the Biscayne corridor. Comprised of microboutiques, beauty retreats and independent restaurants, Upper Buena Vista is officially open for sipping, shopping or just straight-up unwinding. A stroll through this open-air gem reveals that UBV is the upscale hippie hangout the city has been missing.

Wynwood Shades is one of the boutiques open at Upper Buena Vista. Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.

Upper Buena Vista’s Design is Inspired by Travel

“You come by here any time of day, any time of year, and just feel this magnificent breeze,” said David Lahmy, co-founder of the development along with his wife, Michal Aviv.

That soothing gust of cool air – so covetable in the summer heat – is thanks to the looming oak and ficus trees that inspired the couple’s decision to build Upper Buena Vista.

The design for Upper Buena Vista was born out of Lahmy and Aviv’s passion for travel, artisan goods and what they call the Four T’s: Tulum, Tel Aviv, Thong Sala and Tokyo.

Upper Buena Vista is the upscale hippie hangout Miami has been missing.

Those influences are evident in retail huts that look like Japanese temples, bamboo trees that line the perimeter of the complex, a charming thatched-roof bungalow, and handcrafted tiles and stone finishings.

An artistic piece of whimsy at Upper Buena Vista. Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.

Home to Miami’s Top Indie Shops

Of course, there are other reasons to visit Upper Buena Vista aside from the tranquil scenery. Downtown Miami favorite Fratelli Milano has a hip outpost at UBV, serving Italian comfort-food classics along with some re-imagined dishes. A rooftop bar offers a curated selection of cocktails and live entertainment.

Longtime Buena Vista residents will be happy to hear that Claude Postel and Cory Finot, former owners of Buena Vista Deli, are back with a new spot for their French food treats: Café Crème.

Looking to take your relaxation to the next level? Let a trio of sisters from Mallorca spend the afternoon pampering and primping your nails with fantastic art at Epoch Nail Bar. Or, walk out with a blowout or an edgy new look after a visit to Contesta Rock Hair.

Pick up a fruity, frozen cholado from Colombian juicer Amazonica on your way to Pure Soul Design. The Puerto Rican boutique sells clothing, accessories and jewelry all sourced straight from the Caribbean and sure to add some boho flair to your date-night look.

With an array of colorful retailers and exotic architectural flow, Upper Buena Vista is the perfect place to escape this summer — without leaving Miami.

Soul Plug is open at Upper Buena Vista. Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.

What’s Open at Upper Buena Vista

  • Amazonica
  • Café Crème
  • Carolus Studio
  • Contesta Rock Hair
  • Epoch Nail Bar & Beauty Lounge
  • Hibiscus – Creation Doree
  • The House of Findings
  • I Cube
  • Iniva
  • Kraken Lab
  • Oriana Tattoo
  • Pure Soul
  • Sangre de mi Sangre
  • Selfish Too
  • Soul Plug
  • The Syndical
  • True Joy
  • V Rugs and Home
  • Vista
  • Wynwood Shades
Amazonica. Photograph by Felipe Cuevas.

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