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Ball & Chain’s Zack Bush pens a children’s book: Made for Me

Zack Bush wrote 'Made for Me,' a new children's book.
Zack Bush wrote 'Made for Me,' a new children's book.

Miami native Zack Bush scratched off one of his life goals when he opened the acclaimed jazz club Ball & Chain on Calle Ocho. Now he’s crossed off another: publishing a children’s book. Made for Me is a sweet romp about a burly dad smitten with the tiny baby in his arms, just like Bush became after his two kids.

'Made for Me,' by Zack Bush.

Bush says there just weren’t a lot of children’s books told from a father’s point of view. “Three years ago, when my oldest was born, I was just overcome with emotion, and I had to get it out somehow,” he said. “This is based on raw emotion and love. The book really just wrote itself from what I was feeling.”

Illustrated by Florence artist Gregorio De Lauretis, it’s new in stores now.

zack bush
Zack Bush.

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