In Miami

Beach Volleyball Major Series hits the sands of Fort Lauderdale

No offense, basketball fans, but there’s just no sport that gets the crowd more involved than the Beach Volleyball Major Series.

Picture it: A temporary stadium on Fort Lauderdale beach that holds 5,000 people. By day, it’s sun overhead. At night, floodlights keep the matches going between Olympic stars.

The chants, dances and cheers often come right from the players, who take breaks between digs and spikes to wave a flag toward the fans from their home country. Especially the Brazilians, who last year swept the men’s and women’s trophies.

General admission grandstand seats are free, but a VIP ticket (starting at $119) gets you into a chill lounge, premium rooftop seats and elite after-parties with open bars. February 27 through March 4.