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From the Publisher: Art Basel issue celebrates Miami’s international appeal

The Art Basel issue of Indulge includes coverage into the new year, like a preview of the Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park.
The Art Basel issue of Indulge includes coverage into the new year, like a preview of the Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park.

Welcome to our annual INDULGE Art Basel issue! We are so proud of this edition – a colorful palette of stories about the people and places celebrating this renowned international art event.

Our Guide aims to complement your Basel experience. From the seven fabulous Not to Miss recommendations to the seven equally exciting Free options, plus dozens of other Art Week tips, we give you the inside scoop on the best of Basel.

Art stirs passion for serious collectors and everyday enthusiasts alike. After learning about Dennis and Debra Scholl’s curatorial passion, culminating in purchasing, on average, an art piece every seven days; or Raul and Mily De Molina’s pre-Basel party, where they describe the guests as “c’s”: critics, collectors, celebrities, colleagues (and friends), I am inspired by their dedication to, and love of, art.

My walls are adorned with art as well, celebrating French, Cuban, Argentinian and Bulgarian artists. Each piece awakens a joyful memory, like when I acquired my first serigraph at age 17. Or when I vacationed in Spain, where I fell in love with an engraving by Valentín Kovatchev. Or when I took a trip to Cuba with my younger brother, where we kept outbidding each other on a beautiful piece, to the surprise and amazement of the artist. In the end, while I took the piece home, all three of us had won. Yes, my walls narrate the story of my life, but while my modest collection speaks to me, the real value of art is in the unexpected moments of inspiration we all feel when we discover a piece that moves us.

And isn’t that so true during this singular week in December? We love Art Basel and Miami Art Week for the exposure to new artists and introduction to the gallerists and visionaries who support them. We become part of Art Basel when we engage and learn through the conversations, whether organized or organic, that we have with fellow art patrons and friends.

1Lesley Decanio
Lesley DeCanio. Photograph by Emily Michot.

With so many must-see recommendations throughout this issue, we want to ensure you are well nourished. Savor our selections in Dish, because who doesn’t love pizza, especially R House’s unique Art Week version? Chef-owner Rocco Carulli designs his pizza art (literally) with vividly colorful sauces — gorgeous and tasty! Even if purchasing a Picasso isn’t on your to-do list, Picasso’s Prosciutto and Melon Salad at LaMuse Café in the Epic Hotel’s Avant Art Gallery should be. This masterpiece deserves its own photo gallery – or at least a social media post before the first bite.

And because we have so much to celebrate, let’s toast with Taittinger Nocturne Champagne — in a white wine glass. (Who knew we’d been doing it wrong with flutes all this time?) In Pour, contributor Amanda Mesa and contributing design director John Michael Coto’s breakdown of top bottles, proper glassware, food pairings, label decoding and retail sources is worthy of being an infographic art print.

From sublime sipping to simple pleasures, this issue of INDULGE also reminds us to slow down and enjoy some sparkly holiday magic. So round up the kids, friends or significant other and enjoy a light-sweater evening marveling at the dazzling lights at one of three picture-perfect recommendations in Launching Now. After the New Year, we’ve still got you covered. Add tickets to the Pegasus World Cup Invitational — January 27 at Gulfstream Park — to your holiday wish list. The second installment of the richest thoroughbred horse race on Earth will be an unforgettable way to kick off 2018.

Remember: Not having enough wall space is no excuse to miss everything arts-related going on in the Magic City this time of year. You can bet I will be eyeing the new collection designed by Jeff Koons for Louis Vuitton — specifically, the “Monet” or “Gauguin” Neverfull handbags. And what might be inside that bag? My INDULGE Art Basel issue, of course. Enjoy the season!