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Miami Art Week curated guide to satellite fairs and indie shows

Street art in Wynwood.
Street art in Wynwood.

There’s plenty of Miami Art Week to see beyond Art Basel at the Convention Center and the big museum shows. These are our top picks for indie shows, satellite fairs and solo exhibits:

1. Fear Less at Wynwood Walls

A dozen new wall murals carry the theme of staying brave in a world so often ridden with terror. Featured street artists include Audrey Kawasaki, AVAF and Case. The neighboring Goldman Global Arts Gallery Exhibition will show original works by the artists through December 4.

Free. 2520 Northwest Second Avenue, Miami; 305-531-4411;

2. Nancy Davidson at Locust Projects

2 Nancy Davidson at Locust Projects
Nancy Davidson is showing at Locust Projects during Miami Art Week.

The New York feminist artist, whose career spans four decades, brings her floor-to-ceiling inflatable sculptures to Locust Projects for her first solo show in Miami. Titled “p e r Sway,” the giant, abstract objects take on a life of their own – embodying primal human desires like power and sexuality, while amiable shapes and bright colors express humor and youth.

Through January 20. Free. 3852 North Miami Avenue, Miami; 305-576-8570;

3. Allora & Calzadilla at ICA Miami’s Sculpture Garden

3 Allora & Calzadilla Track and Field installation
Allora & Calzadilla's Track & Field installation.

The Puerto Rican sculptors use a crane in ICA’s new 15,000-square-foot sculpture garden as a focal point to highlight U.S. policies toward their homeland. The medium provides an expression of how the island’s economy and society influences its residents at home and abroad.

Opens December 1. Free. 61 Northeast 41st Street, Miami; 305-901-5272;

4. Narcissus by Katie Stout at Nina Johnson

4 Katie Stout at Nina Johnson
Katie Stout is showing her work at Nina Johnson gallery in Miami.

A 28-year-old Brooklyn artist, Katie Stout challenges traditional notions of beauty with eyeball rugs, plushy knit chairs and lamps whose abstract shapes embody the perfectly imperfect female form.

December 4 through January 6. Free. 6315 Northwest Second Avenue, Miami; 305-571-2288;

5. Force and Form at the de la Cruz Collection

5 Force and Form at the de la Cruz Collection.
Force and Form at the de la Cruz Collection.

More than 40 artists address themes like social class, gender, cultural identity, and the roles of technology and globalization.

December 5 through November 2018. Free. 23 Northeast 41st Street, Miami; 305-576-6112;

6. Stranger in Paradise by Allison Zuckerman at Rubell Family Collection

6 Stranger in Paradise exhibit by Allison Zuckerman picture is titled Woman at her Toilette
Allison Zuckerman's 'Woman at her Toilette,' part of the Stranger in Paradise exhibit showing during Miami Art Week.

Using paint, print media, photography and digital manipulations, pop surrealist Allison Zuckerman creates hybridized portraits of historical paintings meshed with Internet culture. The results are themes of satire, feminine emotion and societal norms.

December 6 through August 25. Free. 95 Northwest 29th Street, Miami; 305-573-6090;

7. Which Comes First, the Art or the Fashion? presented by Morphew at Aqua

7 Morphew NYC store for Aqua Art Miami exhibit
Morphew NYC moves to MIA for Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach.

Browse rare designer vintage clothing from New York fashion collection and showroom  Morphew. The hybrid shop and art gallery at Aqua features a tribute to the pop art of Keith Haring as well as handmade Bindi textile works from artisan women in India. 

December 6 through 10. $25 for a day pass. Aqua Hotel, 1530 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach; 305-517-7977;

8. Bas Kosters presented by Rademakers Gallery at Aqua

8 Bas Kosters fashion design
Bas Kosters.

See the Dutch fashion designer and artist’s colorful and print-heavy garments, illustrations and paintings. They show the union and influence between contemporary art, fashion and style, all while casting pop culture in a satirical light.

December 6 through 10. $25 for a day pass. Aqua Hotel, 1530 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach; 305-517-7977;

9. Various at ArtCenter/South Florida

On Documentary Abstraction explores the concept of abstract; Climate Sync is artist Tom Scicluna’s inversions of time and temperature. A public conversation at 10:30 a.m. on December 9 features curator and critic Rachael Rakes, artist Torkwase Dyson, and curator and educator Maria Lind.

Free. 924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach; 305-674-8278;

Plus: 11 More Miami Art Week Favorites!

  1. Miami River Art Fair, Downtown, December 4-6;
  2. Art Africa Miami Arts Fair, Overtown, December 5-6;
  3. Prizm Art Fair, Downtown, December 5-9;
  4. Scope, Miami Beach, December 5-10;
  5. DesignMiami/, Miami Beach, December 6-10;
  6. Ink Miami Art Fair, Miami Beach, December 6-10;
  7. Pinta Miami, Wynwood, December 6-10;
  8. Red Dot Art Fair, Downtown, December 6-10;
  9. Spectrum Miami Art Show, Downtown, December 6-10;
  10. Untitled, Miami Beach, December 6-10;
  11. Pulse Miami, Miami Beach, December 7-10;