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FJ Land Cruisers get a new lease on life thanks to a Miami company

Order one now for Christmas next year -- there's a wait list.
Order one now for Christmas next year -- there's a wait list.

If you’ve ever driven in Costa Rica or Peru or pretty much anywhere in the hills of Latin America, no doubt you’ve seen them: FJ Land Cruisers. Built for two decades by Toyota and exported everywhere, these unstoppably rugged off-roaders could sell for six figures today in mint condition. That explains why The FJ Co., based in Miami, searches the world for rust-free FJs.

Courtesy The FJ Co. in Miami.

How The FJ Co. Does It

The company buys the vehicles it likes and sends them to a factory in Colombia, where they get modern drivetrains, new suspensions and powerful Toyota engines.

Next stop is The FJ Co.’s showroom in Little River, where it sells about 85 reincarnated FJs a year, starting at $65,000. On the higher end, a new luxury package is full of the kind of appointments you’d expect in a German sedan.

Custom-Made FJ Land Cruisers, Every Time

If someone you love has an FJ on their holiday gift list, start planning for next year: Every order is custom-made and takes about nine months for delivery. And when it finally arrives?

“This is a classic FJ,” said Joey Pomerenke, the company’s general manager, “but it’s going to drive and look like it just rolled off the assembly line.”

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