According to the founders of A.N. Other Fragrances, the future of luxury scents is all about the artisanal

The next time you spritz a high-end fragrance, consider this: The actual “juice” in the bottle often costs less than $5. The rest of your money goes to marketing, celebrity endorsements and retail markups. “It’s the secret nobody talks about,” said Gilad Amozeg, an Aventura-based entrepreneur who, along with his wife, Ariella Appelbaum, has created one of the industry’s brightest new stars, A.N. Other Fragrances. Their idea is to put more value inside the bottle and strip away everything else.

Ariella Appelbaum and her husband Gilad Amozeg are reinventing the fragrance market with their latest endeavor, A.N. Other Fragrances

Sold the traditional way, each of their exquisite, gender-neutral scents would cost around $250. Instead, by cutting out the middlemen and the marketing, the scents cost about $100 each. “It’s artisanal, luxury fragrance at a fraction of the cost,” Appelbaum said.

Test-drive fragrance samples by ordering online at or pick some up in person at COS in the Design District. If you’re UK-bound, COS’ new concept store in London carries A.N. Other; in fact, it’s the only U.S. fragrance brand they keep in stock.