Taryn Toomey’s hit workout, The Class, comes to Miami

Vocalized release is allowed - encouraged, actually - at Taryn Toomey's hit workout, The Class, now in Miami.
Vocalized release is allowed - encouraged, actually - at Taryn Toomey's hit workout, The Class, now in Miami.

Manhattan’s hottest workout, now available in Miami, is one of those fitness movements that’s hard to categorize: Founded by Taryn Toomey, The Class melds yoga, boot-camp-style cardio and a killer soundtrack into a cathartic experience. Just ask regulars like Jennifer Aniston and Christy Turlington Burns.

“It’s a wringing out of your body, mind and life,” Toomey said. “Nobody is preaching or teaching anything dogmatic.”

Chanting and vocalized release are encouraged.

“My favorite part is when the whole room is dropped in. The music is pumping, the sweat is pouring, the goosebumps are alive.”

You can find The Class on select Saturdays through May at The Sacred Space, a setting so futuristic and sublime it’s practically out of a Kubrick movie. Register at Toomey told us some of her favorite ways to practice self-care and gift from the heart:

mainbar 1 Taryn Toomey portrait
Taryn Toomey photograph by Jaimie Baird. Photography By: Les Wills

Hu Kitchen Salty Dark Chocolate

mainbar 2 Hu Kitchen Dark Chocolate
“It’s vegan and [made from] locally sourced ingredients. Somehow this doesn’t feel like a splurge.”

‘Across the Room’ by Odesza Feat. Leon Bridges

mainbar 3 ODESZA
“A song that always lifts my mood.”

Sefte Living by Taryn Toomey Meditation Cushion

mainbar 4 Sefte meditation pillow1
“I helped design this pillow because I believe in the company, which supports Peruvian female artisans.”

Pursoma’s After the Class Bath Soak

mainbar 5 pursoma-taryn-toomey_1512x
“It's specifically formulated to enrich the benefits of The Class, so it soothes the body and helps with muscle tension and soreness.”

May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm

mainbar 6 May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon
“All my girlfriends love it because it smells so healing, melts onto your skin and feels incredibly moisturizing.”

The Airelume Handcrafted Jewelry

mainbar 7 Taryn Toomey jewelry
“I believe in the power of intention and in things with meaning that you can have for the rest of your life.”

Every Mother Counts and Ninos Del Sol

mainbar 8 Ninos Del Sol
“Being a mother of two girls, both of these nonprofit organizations are near and dear to my heart.”,

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