Solidcore, a favorite workout of Michelle Obama, has come to Miami

Solidcore has opened a Miami studio in Midtown.
Solidcore has opened a Miami studio in Midtown.

A workout that’s sweeping the nation, even impressing former First Lady Michelle Obama, has made its way to Miami. Solidcore (that’s [solidcore] if you’re following their spelling) has a new studio in Midtown Miami at 135 Northeast 32nd Street.

How Solidcore works

Solidcore has a new studio in Midtown Miami.
A 50-minute, Pilates-inspired workout, [solidcore] emphasizes slow, deliberate movements on a device called the [sweatlana]. The high-intensity, low-impact workout will test even the fittest to their core.

Only four years old, [solidcore] has quickly grown to 31 studios in 13 states, a number that is expected to swell to 50 studios by the end of 2018. The new Miami studio has 11 machines, which allows for [solidcore] coaches to pay close attention as they guide you through a full-body workout that forces muscles to rebuild in a stronger and more sculpted way.

[solidcore] is the brainchild of entrepreneur Anne Mahlum, a South Dakota native and fitness fanatic who got tired of dealing with repeated injuries as she trained for and ran marathons. She founded [solidcore] and says she hasn’t been injured a day since.

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