8 amazing beauty products with eye-catching design elements from AD’s Jane Keltner de Valle

Jane Keltner de Valle is style director of Architectural Digest.
Jane Keltner de Valle is style director of Architectural Digest.

As style director of Architectural Digest, Jane Keltner de Valle has carte blanche to explore every nook and cranny of some of the world’s most sensational homes.

“I’ve always been curious about how people live with style and how it translates into their homes,” she said. “And there’s been a seismic shift culturally: People are more interested in lifestyle than ever before, so it’s an opportune time for us to help open up the conversation. Fashion, architecture, home, art… it’s all fluid today, and these disciples merge in a spectacular way during Art Basel and Design Miami.”

At her work at AD, Keltner de Valle’s responsibilities include producing, writing and editing home stories, as well as overseeing AD’s Discoveries section, which looks at all things style and design. Decorating your home, she said, is similar to a beauty routine: “It pays to invest in pure, quality products for both. Also, never underestimate the element of surprise.”

Here, Keltner de Valle shares eight beauty products that she would buy for their design alone:

1. Aesop Hand Wash

main 1 Aesop-Hand-Resurrection-Aromatique-Hand-Wash-500mL-large
The MVP of bottles.

“It’s chic, simple and somehow fits into any design style. I see it in practically every home I scout — the MVP of bottles!”

2. Buly 1803 Retour d’Egypte Scented Candle

main 2 Buly 1803 candle
Carved from marble.

“The vessel is carved from a single block of green marble.”

3. Chanel Lipstick

main 3 Chanel lipstick
Deco design.

“Its deco design is the antithesis of the overly fussy look of so many beauty products. The black-and-gold color combo is strong, glamorous, classic.”

4. Jason Wu Eau de Parfum

main 4 Jason Wu fragrance
Wu's debut.

“For his debut fragrance bottle, Wu collaborated with architect Andre Mellone. There’s something quite iconic — and incredibly beautiful — about the design.”

5. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

main 5 Vaseline
Nostalgic design.

“The design is reassuringly comforting and nostalgic.”

6. Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Rose

main 6 Santa Maria Novella Rose Water
Simple and beautiful.

“A simple, beautiful glass bottle juxtaposed with a more ornate printed paper wrapping. It feels authentic and luxe without being over the top.”

7. Glossier Cloud Paint

main 7 Glossier Cloud Paint
Not actual paint.

“I love that the tube is reminiscent of a paint tube!”

8. Acqua di Parma Shampoo

Vivid packaging.

“I like the orange packaging and white label with black sans serif font. Adore that bold pop of color. It’s very 1960s Italian.”