How to look your best in Miami, according to fashion model and NHL wife Nikol Kovalchuk

Fitness model and Fisher Island resident Nikol Kovalchuk.
Fitness model and Fisher Island resident Nikol Kovalchuk.

Fisher Island resident Nikol Kovalchuk was a member of the Russian pop group Mirage before starting a family. She and her husband, retired NHL star Ilya Kovalchuk, have two daughters and two sons between the ages of 3 and 11. Now focusing on physical training and nutrition, Nikol Kovalchuk is a fitness model who says, “Miami is the best city to train in.” We asked her how she keeps up with her fitness and four kids.

1. Find a workout that works for you

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Kovalchuk works out at 5th Street Gym. Photograph by Salomon Urraca. Salomon Urraca

“Women shouldn’t be afraid to build muscle, because weight training defines body shape and burns more calories, so it shreds fat while building stronger bones and a healthier heart,” Nikol Kovalchuk said. When not weight training, she gets her exercise by running on the beach, biking and boxing. “My boxing gym is 5th Street Gym,” she said. 

2. Eat healthy – but save room for Russian food

Tatiana Restaurant.

“I have a very organized way of eating,” she said. “My food routine requires up to seven meals a day, mostly protein (fish, turkey, chicken breast, eggs and filet mignon), carbohydrates (oatmeal, wild and red rice, buckwheat, sweet potato crisps) and healthy fats (avocado, nuts, flaxseed oil, cottage cheese). I love adding superfoods like goji berries, flaxseed and chia seeds to my meals for texture.  I also stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water – 2.5 to 3 liters a day.

“And when I am in the mood for true Russian food in South Florida? I go to Tatiana Restaurant in Hollywood.”

3. Stay fit as a family

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Nikol and Ilya Kovalchuk.

“Since moms never have any time and sometimes cannot make it the gym or a workout class, I try to find little ways to torch calories throughout the day. Park the car as far away from the store entrance as possible. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Play alongside your kids at the playground doing dips, pull ups, squats, push-ups, etc.. Try to always keep the body in motion.  Every little bit you can squeeze into your schedule adds up throughout the week.

“In addition, my husband and I always find time to play sports with the kids on weekends. That’s great exercise for the whole family!”