Face Candy Studio is a top makeup idea for Miami Broward Carnival

Getting glammed up for Miami Broward Carnival.
Getting glammed up for Miami Broward Carnival.

If there’s one day of the year when over-the-moon glamour is serious business, it’s Carnival, where pastel hair, bedazzled cheeks and jeweled bathing suits are the norm. Before the Miami Broward Carnival on October 8, get a full makeup job by Face Candy Studio.

The company’s 15 makeup artists work festivals and Carnival celebrations from Trinidad to Toronto. They’ve been coming to Miami for the past five years, dolling up about 100 women a year. For $60, they’ll give you a traditional foundation with gems, or, for $76, get all that plus airbrushing.

Face Candy Studio, 800-915-1596;;

Face Candy
Face Candy perfects makeup for dozens of Carnival-goers each year.