The Big Chill: CBD-based products with healing benefits that make their demand, well, high

For months, we at INDULGE experimented with various CBD-based products in the marketplace that promise clearer skin, reduced fine lines and a relaxed, overall look. While CBD may not be your average beauty ingredient, its effective anti-inflammatory properties and healing superpowers are sought after on a daily basis.

Lab to Beauty - The Recovery Oil


A few drops go a long way when it comes to this potent CBD face oil. Loaded with matcha, arnica, jojoba and calendula, your skin seemingly magically looks flawless after the first use. Available exclusively at Lapis Spa at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach and

The Veritas Farms Edibles


Straight out of Colorado’s sustainable farms, the Veritas Farms sweet chews are a good alternative to oil used to relax before bedtime. Two sweet treats are the right dose for sweet dreams. Bonne nuit!

Mirai Clinical – Bath Bomb

Alex Vacca

Sold in sets, the Japanese CBD line of bath bombs come in three scents — eucalyptus, lemongrass and lavender. Each are equally as soothing when added to a lukewarm bath. A good night’s sleep is almost assured.

Lord Jones – High CBD Bath Salts

lj-bath salts-pour_ED.jpg

In the mood to drift off to a relaxing place? We adore this small batch of heavenly scented Himalayan and Epsom salt in a jar. The salts provide the ultimate serene journey for your muscles and mind. Available at The Sacred Space, Miami.

Kaleidoscope Labs – Glow Capsules

Background removed - GLOW_FINAL_JAR.png

This chic ‘capsule within a capsule’ assists with the improvement of the trinity of beauty: hair, skin and nail growth. The layers of the pill serve to accordingly digest the BioCell Collagen, PABA, Silica and 30 mg of full spectrum CBD extract.

Yuyo Botanics – PM Formula


Add few drops of this orange-flavored oil under your tongue, which we recommend you keep there for 30 seconds. Swallow and let this tincture — made with organically grown hemp — do its job.

Code of Harmony – Chill Gel Masque


The cool factor? Female alchemists and estheticians formulated this plant-based gel mask. The magic touch? The addition of Centella Asiatica firms your lines while the CoQ10 energizes in a gentle way.

Cannaisseur Brands – Massage oil

First Convert_24 (isolated).png

This petite vial with a rolling tip is the epitome of convenience should you need a quick personal massage if you have, say, tendonitis or even small acne bumps on skin. You’ll swear by the lavender scent.

Hora – Overnight Exfoliating Mask

Overnight Mask - Marble Lifestyle.jpg

In this sleek black jar lie 422 mg of CBD, which help the exfoliating mask hydrate, protect and rejuvenate even the driest of faces. Perfect for reducing bloating after a way-too-fun night out.

One final note

Behind the most luxurious destination for top products in the CBD-verse, Fleur Marché.

What happens when two former GOOP executives decide to address the needs of consumers who are nervous to try CBD? It’s all about blooming. Meredith Schroeder and Ashley Lewis, founders of Fleur Marché, which translates to flower market, left their corporate gigs and launched an online business that makes this somewhat undiscovered world a lot less intimidating. No laid back vibes here; the duo is serious about their business. The prerequisites for any product to make it into the highly curated website include no pesticides and ingredients that must be farmed organically.

TK_Fleur Marche_LA_132.jpg

Offering an elevated take on cannabis, making it luxurious in an effort to attract potential customers, the goal for both Lewis and Schroeder was always educate people. “People have fears about it, and rest assured that it does not make you high,” says Lewis. For the most part, Fleur Marché sells individual products, like the PM oil mentioned above, but the website-featured kits like Le PMS, Le Beauty, Le Calm and Le Sleep, are très nécessaire.